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Perfume at work – don’t sweat it

Posted by Patrick N. on

Most of us work long shifts that continue throughout the day. It’s not unusual to work up a sweat. It is important when selecting a perfume for work, to respect the fact that perfumes can be a distraction to everyone around you. You don’t want to over-perfume and suffocate your workmates, and with these handy tips, you can avoid doing just that.

Smell fresh

The consensus is that a fresh and light smelling perfume fits into a work atmosphere the most easily. Something like Bill Blass, which smells like freshly picked flowers, including hyacinth, lily of the valley, tuberose and jasmine. Banana Republic and Malachite has also proven to be a popular work brand. What these perfumes have in common is that they are simple and light. They often have floral notes and are easy to wear. Besides the floral family of fragrances, modern perfume more often caters for the workplace. This includes the ‘Green,’ ‘fruity’ or ‘dessert’ perfume ranges. For Green perfumes, think ‘wood,’ altered for a breezier and lighter tone, often reminiscent of the scent of budding greenery, including ground green leaves. Fruity fragrances, naturally, are designed to mimic the smells of particular fruits. Most fruits are incapable of being altered to give a durable and appropriate fragrance. This is the reason that fruity perfumes tend to be synthetic or restricted to citrus. On the other hand, ‘dessert’ perfumes recreate the smell of sweet dishes, including vanilla. Any of these modern and traditional perfumes categories will generally provide a fun and appropriate, everyday work perfume.

Often, perfumes for work can have an energising effect. Something like Missoni Acqua, with notes of melon, is capable of evoking a ‘holiday’ feel, even though one is in the everyday work environment.

Quantity can save the day

If you are committed to a romantic, complex or bold perfume, there may be a method for integrating it into your regular workday. The quantity of the perfume that you apply can be decisive. A popular technique is to use a point or tip, expose or immerse it in perfume and use it in a dabbing motion to apply the perfume. This ensures one does not over-perfume themselves.

Longevity – how to smell good until you clock-off

A difficulty that many people encounter when shopping for work perfumes is how to make them last. It is not easy for a perfume that is light and fresh, on the one hand, to also last for the whole day. Reapplication is always an option. However, depending on the work environment, it may not be appropriate or possible.

Despite the catching trend of perfumes in the workplace, there is a concerted section of individuals that may be opposed to any type of perfume at work, preferring shampoo, soap and other hygiene products, without the addition of perfume. Also, Many perfumes are associated with special occasions or fond memories, and people might be reluctant to use this perfume in the workplace, for fear of distorting the association. The best policy may be to put yourself in the shoes of those around you and wear a tactful and subtle fragrance.

2. Kids fragrances, the smell of innocence

Increasingly, perfumes are being marketed for the children’s age bracket, with companies like Disney and Barbie being the big name brands in the market. Not only the brands, but the packaging tends to be aimed at children, with bright, colourful cartoon characters and toy-like perfume dispensers being part and parcel of the deal. There is hardly a superstar, cartoon character or children’s television show that doesn’t associate itself with a particular fragrance.

Kids want to be grown ups

The marketing philosophy is often related to the fact that kids want to be grown up, and love pretending to be grown ups, including in the use of their perfumes. Kids love dressing up and role playing. Perfume companies are attempting to include perfumes and perfume sets as part of this role playing tendency.

Perfume companies are hoping that kids’ perfumes will pass over into the Christmas present lists and birthday present wishes, just as any other child accessory or toy might. Many perfume companies have an extensive catalogue of children’s perfumes.

The child is always right

When it comes to demand for kids’ perfumes, parents take care to understand what it is that their child wants. There are a myriad of cartoon characters with corresponding fragrances, as well as celebrity superstars for kids in slightly older age brackets. For example, an American Idol scent is among those being marketed, the main selling point of which is the real life ‘star’ associated with the fragrance. Interestingly, although the use of some cosmetics equipment is often associated with girls, the market for kids’ perfumes is also weighted towards boys in no small degree. Perfumes associating themselves with Spider Man, the X-men and Superman are available.

Most kids’ perfumes have gentle, sweet and pleasing smells. Romantic or bold perfumes are generally not preferred as children’s perfumes. Most likely, these perfumes fall within the floral family of perfumes, or the modern ‘Green,’ ‘fruity’ or ‘dessert’ perfumes. These are light and simpler perfumes, mimicking the smell of flowers, fresh greenery, fruits or sweets. The prices of children’s perfumes also tend to be significantly below the prices of adult perfumes.

How young is too young

However, kids’ perfumes are not immediately acceptable to everyone. Many people feel that it is inappropriate for a child to wear a fragrance. Companies engaging in the sale of kids’ perfumes have had the accusation of over-marketing levelled at them. It is often also difficult to distinguish the line between a product that is purely a fragrance, and products that have another purpose, such as gels, balms or sprays. Some fragrances are even designed to be worn by babies.

The difficulty appears to be that children may be exposed to adult tendencies and consumerist pressures too quickly, without having the time to mature and to come to appreciate these aspects of adult life fully before participating in them. The innocence and absence of adult male or female musk in children is also a factor affecting the acceptance of these perfumes.

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